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This is the page of 
the Tű Fokán Music Camp

In English



Tu Fokan Music Camp is organized by Óbuda Waldorf School's Music School since 2010.

For whom? The camp fits young people at the age between  cca. 13 and 18 years, who play any instrument: strings, winds, keyboards, percussion, acoustic or electronic  - or sing.


What level? Beginners and advanced are all welcome, concerning both individual practice and the experience in playing with others.

Waldorf pedagogy. We deal with the dichotomy of "teaching art" and "teaching by art" based on Rudolf Steiner's priciples. Some of our participants have  extraordinary abilities. We find it very important to help their talents to develop. The same time it's equally important to work with those, who probably won't choose a musical life carrier. Music as social art is in focus. Our workshops are "social spaces", where mutual attention, communication - including musical communication - has an emphasised role.



IN 2022 


(in English and Hungarian languages)

Kékvölgy Waldorf School, in Pilisszentlászló, Hungary

July 25th  31st, 2022

​Participants will form four groups. When composing bands, we take into account age, instruments, gender, musical experience and nationality. Each group meets daily with all the teachers who represent different musical styles and methods. We will have a concert at the end of the camp. In addition to musical programs, there is also time for excursions, games, sports and social life.

Our international camp will be between July 25th - 31st, 2022, for cca. 13–18 years old. 


Camp leader  Csaba Hajnóczy
Classical workshop  Mirjam Pálfai. Classical pieces arranged for specific ensembles.
Standards workshop Janka Hajnóczy. Pop, jazz and / or folk evergreens and hits.
Sound Painting improvisation workshop Ádám Darázs. Sound painting is an improvisational language based on conduction. In addition to learning and following the signs, participants will become familiar with the conducting themselves.
DIY  Tamás Bernáth Atom. Do It Yourself; songs and pieces are composed based on the participants' own ideas.

COSTS. The price of the camp with board is €180 or HUF 65.000.
Vegetarian, vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free meals are possible.

LOCATION. Waldorf school in Pilisszentlászló, Kékvölgy >> 
The address of the school center is 2009 Pilisszentlászló, Szabadság tér 3, Hungary. We will be in the new building on Tölgyfa Street, on the edge of the village, almost inside the forest. Our accommodation is in the classrooms, please bring a mattress and sleeping bag.


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